Online appointments available Compassionate,
Collaborative Therapy
what's important
Clarify your values and goals
Build fulfilling
Collaboration leads to connection
and meaning.
  • Tech Workers

    I guide engineers, managers, and designers in befriending their emotions and unearthing calmness, creativity, and confidence in the workplace, with coworkers, during interviews, and outside work.
  • LGBTQ+ Relationships

    Exploring LGBTQ identity, sharing it with others, and navigating LGBTQ subcommunities bring about challenging inner experiences. I help folks map out their inner world and find self compassion.
  • Young Adults (22-35 yrs old)

    I use creative and fun exercises to help young adults build skills of motivation, emotional acceptance, self compassion, attention, perspective taking, thought identification, and forming values based habits.


I provide compassionate, collaborative, competent, and creative care.

I am a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in mental health settings since 2014 that include foster and adoptive care, crisis clinics, private practice therapy. I also supervise pre-licensed therapists at a non-profit agency. My specialties include anxiety, depression, LGBTQ issues, employment stress, and childhood trauma.

  • Playfulness and humor lighten the weight of serious problems.
  • Collaboration leads to connection and meaning.
  • Kindness and compassion help create healing experiences.

If you are looking to reduce shame, anxiety, depression, symptoms of trauma, self criticism, frustration, loneliness, isolation, worrying, and hypervigilance, among other stresses, I may be a good fit for you. I help people access mindful states of safety and self nurturing. Once in this state of calmness, clarity, and compassion, I help people discover inner harmony and peace.

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I invite you to an experience of noticing and accepting all of your thoughts, emotions, and sensations in the service of choosing what motivates you and then acting up those motivations in creative and meaningful ways.

  • Codependency

    Build independence and confidence in yourself

  • Cultural issues

    Understanding and coping with prejudice and exclusion

  • Family relationships

    Building more fulfilling relationships with family members

  • Trauma

    Heal wounds from past traumatic experiences

  • Life Meaning

    Find what’s important to you in all areas of living

  • Artists and Creatives

    Connect more fully to your art and experience flow states

  • Substance Abuse

    Finding methods besides substances to cope with psychological pain

  • Life Transitions

    Adjusting to changes with calm, confidence, and curiosity

  • Healthcare Workers

    Find self compassion and self care as a healthcare worker