Life Meaning/Purpose

Life meaning can come from hobbies, relationships, work, parenting, volunteering, art, the outdoors, or physical activities. A lack of meaning in life can lead to feelings of boredom, anxiety, inadequacy, insecurity, depression, and isolation. As humans, our core yearnings include yearnings for meaning, purpose, and a sense of self-direction. Connection to what is genuinely important to us can be confusing and overwhelming. Often “should do”, “should want”, and “should be”, heard from others and inside our own heads, obscure what and who we truly care about.

Max’s Experience

Max has helped many individuals find meaning and purpose in many different areas of life such as work, hobbies, and relationships. He has helped individuals clarify what is important to them about artistic endeavors such as photography and music. He has helped film industry professionals, financial experts, doctors, HR workers, tech workers, and health care workers connect more fully to their work and to their coworkers. He has helped parents clarify and act upon what is important to them about caregiving. He has helped oppressed people including Asian Americans, immigrants, women, and LGBTQs uncover creative, effective, and meaningful ways of taking action for social justice. He uses methods of mindfulness, self compassion, and values clarification to help people clarify, connect to, and act upon what is important to them.