Supervised IFS Practice Dyads

I offer supervised IFS practice dyads for coaches, therapists, and other practitioners who are looking to improve their IFS facilitation skills experientially.

How do practice sessions work?

  • Practice sessions follow the structure of many IFS trainings, including the official IFS Institute trainings and Stepping Stones. 
  • One person will be in the role of practitioner and another in the role of client. These roles will be rotated each session, giving each person a turn to be in each role.
  • As your consultant, I can help you get to know and befriend any therapist parts who like or feel the need to take the lead, when you are in either role.
  • Each practice dyad is limited to two practitioners.
  • Prior IFS level 1 or equivalent training is required (e.g. Stepping Stones).


  • $125 per person per 75 minute practice session.


  • 75 minutes, every other week (suggested frequency)

About Me

I am a LCSW with a telehealth private practice based out of Oakland, CA. I am an experienced  IFS-informed therapist, consultant, clinical supervisor, and psychiatric social worker. In working with consultees, my process involves working with my own parts, and helping my consultees access Self energy and identify and befriend their own parts and the parts of their clients’ systems. You can learn more about me here.

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