Relief & Fulfillment

I have extensive experience helping clients feel relief and fulfillment at work. 

Although I’ve worked with clients across many different industries including the service industry, finance, and academia, I specialize in burnout, career development, and workplace relationships for tech and healthcare workers. 

Among those in the tech industry I’ve helped include product and project managers, directors, founders, designers, HR workers, cyber security officers, and engineers. Among those in healthcare, I’ve worked with nurses, doctors, and therapists. 

I have helped many clients navigate significant career and job transitions including job loss, unemployment, and graduate school. I help people tap into what they find important to them about the work they do, gain insight into work relationships, and discover how to feel more relief and aliveness at work.

Common Work Struggles

If you struggle at work with anxiety, perfectionism, procrastination, workaholism, people pleasing, conflict avoidance, fear, frustration, imposter syndrome, burnout, interpersonal conflict, unacknowledgement, unmet needs, and self criticism, I may be able to help. 

Common issues that are caused by work stress that I can also help with include physical health problems, decreased motivation, depression, sleep disturbances, fatigue, angry outbursts, self destructive behaviors, decreased concentration, decreased productivity, diminished self-esteem, isolation, loneliness, and suicidal thoughts.