Healthcare Workers

Healing others brings us face to face with our own demons. For us helping professionals, what is difficult to look at within ourselves can often be found reflected back at us by the humans we serve. Pain and discomfort that arises when these reflections are seen can include anger, frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, fear, anxiety, resentment, inadequacy, and sadness. It is human to attempt to relieve such pain with efforts such as self isolation, substance use, impulsive decision making, defensiveness, perfectionism, procrastination, denial, and workaholism.

My Experience

Max has experience working both as a coworker of and as a therapist to many different types of healthcare professionals. He was hired and supervised by a nurse practitioner in his first post graduate school job as a crisis social worker. In this role, he worked alongside licensed vocational nurses, licensed psychiatric technicians, registered nurses, licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Max currently serves as a supervisor to pre-licensed therapists at a non-profit.

Max takes pride in and cherishes the relationships he has built with healthcare workers both as colleagues and as clients. As a therapist, he has helped other therapists, physicians, pharmacists, administrators, and medical researchers rediscover what is important to them about the work that they do and to courageously face and overcome the personal challenges associated with healing others.