A Safe Space

I identify and have personal experience as part of the LGBTQ family (gay, white, cis-male from a privileged background). 

I am also trained and well versed professionally in helping clients across the sexual orientation and gender spectrums overcome such barriers in finding community, clarity, courageousness, connection, self acceptance, and love.

Although I have experience treating trans, non binary, lesbian, queer, and bisexual identified individuals, I am most experienced and specialized in working with gay men, both monogamous and consensually non monogamous.

Common LGBTQ+ Struggles

Common issues I’ve found my LGBTQ identified clients to struggle with include intimate relationships, family relationships, social anxiety, perfectionism, histories of childhood adversity, work related stress, depression, loneliness, low self esteem, and feelings of not fitting in. 

I’ve found that these struggles often result from external and internal homophobia, other forms of sexual and gender based prejudice, confusion about one’s own sexual attractions, fears of failing at relationships or being defective in relationships, and exclusionary attitudes in LGBTQ subcommunities.