IFS Informed Consultation for Therapists

Specializing in Gay/Queer Male Issues & Attachment Trauma

  • Does therapy with a client feel stuck?
  • Unclear on transference and/or countertransference issues that are impeding the work?
  • Looking for compassionate, non-shaming support with a case?
  • Do activated parts of you need some help being befriended?
  • Interested in learning more about IFS and integrating it into your practice?
  • Feeling stumped with cases involving gay/queer male issues or attachment trauma?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help out. I offer attachment, trauma, and IFS informed consultation. My consultations are informed by my experiences as a gay male, a clinical supervisor, a trained IFS Informed therapist, a former emergency psychiatric clinic social worker, and a therapist to many clients healing from attachment trauma.

My IFS Training

  • IFSCA Stepping Stones Training in 2021; 50+ hrs of live training
  • Somatic IFS Retreat; 7 day experiential training with Somatic IFS founder Susan McConnell, January 2023
  • Ongoing monthly advanced IFS consult group run by approved IFS consultant; from January 2022
  • Ongoing weekly individual and group peer consultation with other IFS therapists
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    For more details or to book a consultation or free 20 minute introductory call, please email me at max@maxlittman.com.

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