I practice Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an experiential therapy approach focused on building a loving, safe, and secure relationship between yourself and various “parts” of you. The basic idea in IFS is that we all have an inner family of “parts” that work to keep us safe, fulfilled, and connected. 

When painful experiences happen in our lives, our parts take on rigid roles to protect us from future pain, alleviate us from current pain, and to carry our past pain for us. These roles can lead to tension in our bodies, chronically depressed moods, fatigue, chronic health conditions, intrusive thoughts, distracted attention, extreme urges, and suicidal thoughts among other physical and mental symptoms. 

Each of our “parts” have distinct subpersonalities, hopes, interests, qualities, and fears. Parts that are thrust into protective roles by painful events in our histories may or may not be interested in assuming these roles. The primary focus in IFS is to fully listen to, understand, and appreciate our protective and burdened parts’ experiences and to invite them to choose the qualities and actions they would prefer to take on.

IFS is an evidence based therapy that is seen in the mental health community as one of the most effective treatments for PTSD, attachment wounds, and childhood trauma. IFS can be used for practically any concern including anxiety, depression, panic, relationship issues, and physical health issues.

Max has received multiple trainings in IFS from the Internal Family Systems Counselling Association including a 4-day intensive course and a day-long course specifically for gay male therapists. He also receives ongoing consultation from experienced and certified IFS trainers.


  • IFS Institute Level 1 LGBTQIA+ Affinity Training; August 2023 to January 2024.
  • Somatic IFS Retreat – 7 day experiential training led by Somatic IFS founder Susan McConnell, January 2023.
  • Self-led Grief – 2 day advanced intensive course on practicing IFS for grieving, run by IFSCA, June 2022.
  • Stepping Out – 16 week, 48 hour intensive course for gay male therapists on practicing IFS run by IFSCA, September 2021 to December 2021.
  • The Further Reaches of IFS – 2 day advanced intensive course on practicing IFS run by IFSCA, June 2021.
  • IFS Skills and Competence Intensive – 4 day intensive course on how to practice IFS run by IFSCA, May 2021.