Past painful experiences that occur anytime in our lives can disrupt our sense of safety and security. Whether these past painful experiences were one-off events, such as a natural disaster or being physically attacked by another person, or ongoing traumas, such as abuse or neglect, they can be a block to living our fullest lives.

My approach

I provide a form of therapy called Internal Family Systems (IFS) to address all forms of trauma. The basic idea in IFS is that we all have an inner family of “parts” that work to keep us safe, fulfilled, and connected. By working with the parts that have come to protect you from ever getting hurt again, we can heal the part of you that still feels hurt by past traumas. 

IFS is an evidence based therapy that is seen in the mental health community as one of the most effective treatments for PTSD, attachment wounds, and childhood trauma. IFS is known to help people to feel calm, confident, compassionate, connected, creative, clear, and courageous.