Private Practice Mentoring

IFS, Attachment, and Trauma Informed

New to private practice and needing mentorship? I can support you! I specialize in and am passionate about helping therapists start, develop, and grow their private practices!

  • Get your private practice questions answered by an expert
  • Non-shaming support
  • Access self confidence
  • Find and nurture your niche
  • Work through emotional obstacles (e.g. self doubt, imposter syndrome)
  • Hit the ground running with referrals
  • Logistical guidance (e.g. budgeting, time management)
  • Help with website and listing copy and content


  • $200 for 45 minutes mentoring sessions
  • Unlimited email support (up to a month after a mentoring session)


My mentoring services are a bit different from other forms of consultation in that they are IFS, attachment, trauma, and right-use-of-power informed. What this means is that you’ll be getting mentorship that is relational, sensitive, ethical, and non-shaming. Additionally, what this means is that we can compassionately address any intra-psychic barriers to developing your practice.

I am a LCSW with a telehealth private practice based out of Oakland, CA. I am an experienced  IFS therapist, consultant, clinical supervisor, and psychiatric social worker. In working with consultees, my process involves working with my own parts, and helping my consultees access Self energy and identify and befriend their own parts and the parts of their clients’ systems. You can learn more about me here.

To register or for more information, please email me at

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