Chronic Health Issues

Chronic health conditions can bring about challenging inner experiences such as confusion, anxiety, fear, panic, anger, frustration, depression, and hopelessness. Sometimes there is a clear diagnosis and prognosis for the set of symptoms and sometimes they are a mystery. Sometimes what the doctor prescribes is effective in providing relief. However, difficult thoughts might still linger: “Will this continue to work? What is actually going on? Are the short and long term side effects of the treatment worth it? Do I really have a medical issue or is this just all in my head?”

Max’s Experience

Based on his experience, Max has found that regardless of whether a chronic health condition originates in the body, the mind, or elsewhere, one can live a good life, devoted to what is important to them. He has helped individuals alleviate such symptoms as chronic back pain by becoming more aware and accepting of their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. He has helped individuals overcome panic, anxiety, and hopelessness about chronic illness such as cancer by helping them to clarify and commit to who and what is important to them in their lives. He is committed to helping those with challenging physical health symptoms heal themselves by uncovering their own wisdom, courage, confidence, clarity, and calm.