Substance Abuse

Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, methamphetamine, opioids, MDMA, cannabis, and hallucinogens can seem to provide a brief respite from uncomfortable feelings or memories. However, when one becomes dependent on a substance to deal with such painful emotions and to function, this can lead to disharmony in relationships, with friends, at work, and in one’s body.

Max’s Approach

Max takes a compassionate and individualized approach in helping clients with substance use issues. He believes that nothing is inherently wrong with people who use or are dependent on chemical substances. He believes substance users are doing the best they can to deal with painful thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical sensations based on what they know and what they’ve learned throughout their lives. He has experience working with individuals actively using, reducing their use, and in long-term recovery. He uses creative, calming, and clarifying experiential exercises to help his clients build self-compassion and to become less dependent upon substances to function.