Young Adults

The possibilities of young adulthood can bring excitement, opportunity, fear, anxiety, and self judgment. The 20s and early 30s can involve searches for purpose, community, family, stability, romantic relationships, careers, and opportunities in higher education.

Max’s Experience

Max is highly experienced and effective in working with young adults 22 to 35 years old. His light, creative, compassionate, and humoristic approach is known to land well with and be helpful for many young adults. He has helped young professionals find work/life balance, meaning in their work, and fulfilling career paths in areas such advertising, research, medical school, law school, engineering, product management, graphic design, sales, medicine, and tech start ups.

He has helped young adult clients navigate experiences such as unemployment, employment transitions, break ups, dating, relationship issues, family conflicts, substance abuse, burnout, shame, LGBTQ issues, childhood trauma, perfectionism, procrastination, low self esteem, and self criticism. Max uses creative, fun, and moving experiential exercises to help young adults build skills of motivation, emotional acceptance, self compassion, attention, perspective taking, thought identification, and forming values based habits.